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"The Club has sensed your presence...
You may go no further without a Viera in your party..."

This is a club/group dedicated to the Viera, a fantasy race found in the world of Ivalice in the RPGs Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII + spin-offs.

:shamrock: About the Viera

+ The Viera are tall, elegant humenoids (<- misspelt on purpose) with rabbit/hare-like features, including long ears and supple limbs (had they been a real species, their scientific name might've been Homo [Sapiens] Leporis). They could be described as Ivalice's equivalent to the Elves of Tolkien's Arda (wherein Middle-Earth lies).

+ Officially, there are three kinds of Viera:
the "pure-bloods" Vīna ("Veena", fair-skinned) and Rava (dark-skinned);
the third kind is an Aegyl/Viera hybrid called Feol after their Aegyl ancestor, the chief Feolthanos - these are characterised by pale blonde hair and shorter ears, and they are shunned by the pure-bloods.

+ Male and female Viera live in separate places, and communicate only if the need arises. Presumably, reproduction is considered one such need, but due to the Viera's remarkable longevity (it is estimated that their lifespan is roughly three times that of Humes; Fran of Eruyt, for one, is well over 50 years old, but one could scarcely tell by just looking at her), that need might not arise more often than any other.
Male Viera aren't exactly a common sight. In fact, they are not featured at all in the various games set in Ivalice. This, mind you, does not mean they do not exist. Quite on the contrary, according to official sources, they do. The question of why we never get to see them, however, remains unanswered. "They live separate from the females", yes, but where? And why do they not venture out into the outside world like so many of their female kin? Although we do not have the answers, we have a special place for them in our hearts - as well as our galleries (main + favourites).

+ The names of pure-blood Viera most commonly consist of only four (4) letters. The combination of the letters appears to have no significance; any four-letter combination could do as a name.

We aim to bring exposure to the artists who draw/otherwise portray Viera, and also to gather a whole lot of Viera art in one place!
Got Viera? Say no more! Join the club and spread the love!

This club is FOR sexy (as well as non-sexy) Viera - however, we're AGAINST the concept of "PlayBoy Bunnies".
Viera are fierce warriors, and should be treated with respect.

:groups: How to Join:
Click on the "Join Our Group" button!
:shamrock: MEMBERS LIST

:groups: How to Submit Art:
As soon as you're a member, you may submit art to our gallery. Just click on the "Submit Art" button and follow the instructions. Your pieces will remain in the Featured folder and also be copied to the appropriate sub-folders by the admin.
(Note: We reserve the right to refuse/delete submissions of questionable/insincere nature. Thus, any attempts to ridicule this club via such means will be futile.)

:bulletred: This club only accepts ORIGINAL FAN-ART!
This means that any art that you submit must be entirely yours, otherwise we will unceremoniously reject/delete it.
We do NOT accept the following:
  • Copied art: Pieces created with the intent to make them look like already existing pieces made by an/other artist/s.
    Clarification: Copying: any attempt to make a piece of art that looks exactly like another piece of art, whether this attempt is successful or not; i.e. the attempt to copy is in itself what defines it as copying, even if the attempt is not successful. Thus, whether a piece is a copy or not lies in the intent, not the method (tracing etc.) or the result (a bad copy is still a copy).
  • Official art: Pieces created for and/or by Square-Enix and their affiliates, whether edited/manipulated or not. This includes screen-shots that you have taken whilst playing as well as wallpapers and "de/motivational" posters that you have "made" by using the official art.
  • Pixel dolls: Pieces created upon templates, or "bases", unless these templates were also created by you.
  • Art by non-members: Pieces created by deviants who are not members of the club; deviations by non-members belong in our Favourites.
    (BEWARE: A piece suggested to be added to our Favourites is more likely to be denied if the suggester and the creator of the piece are the same person. Honestly, if you want your piece to be in our gallery, join the club and submit it to our main gallery.)

--- --- ---

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the-VIERA-club Supports :iconstop-tracing: stop-tracing
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These are our kin clubs:
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Linkain Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2015
Hello, I'm creating a RPG Pencil/Paper with FF as base, and the Viera Race is there. Can I use some of the arts in this group for the RPG book?
Andrassa Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hello, I was wondering if anyone on here has a tutorial video for drawing a basic Viera. I'm sort of an ametuar artists and would like some help with drawing one of my favourite game species (Who in my opinion should have there on own game in the FF series instead of Hume main characters).
BuryTheMaid Featured By Owner May 4, 2012  Student General Artist
Why was I not aware of this group before?! D:
windinmysails Featured By Owner May 9, 2012   Traditional Artist
Karmageddin Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011
Sqare is considering turning FF into an action RPG[link]
LongLiveLink Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oops! ^^;
Sorry about all the Fran pieces! Wasn't aware you couldn't submit them!
TenshiTama Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2011  Student Digital Artist
A Fran/Balthier facebook page is now up. [link]
darkchild289 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for the acceptance! But jeeze viera are hard to draw haha. D:
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